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Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday DogBlog 2012 Part 3

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday DogBlog 2012 Part 3

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Tuesday 31st July 2012

Hey ho! Up and at ‘em.

We’ll just go through the motions. I got our CPS tags back from Middy last night.

So up to the gate, wait ‘till he opens it, then off!

And up to the other field, then the northern field.

No rabbits.

Exactly as expected.

Rabbit 1: See – exactly as expected. They were here and we were safe.

Rabbit 3: I think I’d like to see that they aren’t here when we’re out. Then I’ll be more convinced.

Rabbit 2: Me too.

Rabbit 1: But …

Rabbit 2: Well, I’m not paying you yet, and I wouldn’t be able to pay you at all if I’m someone’s supper!

Rabbit 3: Or lunch! Or breakfast! So it had better be right hadn’t it?

But now off to Sennen for the market. And another chapel.

Market has gone very twee and upmarket, and the chapel is in someone’s back garden, so can’t see it.

Hey, we’re off to the Cheese Shop in St Just. Her twin addictions of coffee and books. And we get the biscuits.

And we get the biscuits – and the cheese. They’re good to us here!

So now off to Hayle and lunch. And yes, I know, but food is very important to me – I just can’t take the chance that there won’t be any.

Was I going to say anything?

You usually do. Anyway we’re at Phillack opposite Copperhouse and having had lunch are going for a walk. They’re debating. About Chapels.

Nothing new. So now we’re going back to see them. Or what could be them.

But they aren’t. They’re something else. Which still leaves her with a mystery for another day. But she found a Sunday school, but no chapel to go with it.

He says he’ll look at what other people have done. He says that two hours in the library can save two months in the laboratory, so he may be right.

Anyway, we’re off on a walk before going shopping. Then back to camp.

Rabbit 1: Right – they’re back and headed this way – be on lookout to prove it!

Rabbit 2: Why don’t you go and do the lookout?

Rabbit 3: And see if you’re right?

Rabbit 2: Just go up to the front entrance and see if you can spot them.

Rabbit 3: We’ll be right behind you.

Rabbit 1: But …

Rabbit 2: Or no lettuce.

Rabbit 1: So you’ll back me up?

Rabbit 3: We said so, didn’t we?

Rabbit 1: OK – up we go. … See, there they are!

Rabbit 2: Hey, you’re right.

Rabbit 3: Maybe there’s something in this system after all.

Rabbit 1: So about this lettuce fee.

Rabbit 2: Tomorrow.

Rabbit 1: But …

Rabbit 3: Tomorrow!

Chicken tonight – so no need for rabbit.

I spotted them – but it’s as if they were expecting us.

They were – made sure of that. Just wait until I can nick his laptop again.

You’re plotting, I can tell.

Wednesday 1st August 2012

Got his laptop and made some adjustments.

What have you done?

I’ll let you find out. But they’ll know about us this morning. The change is set for later.

Rabbit 1: See, told you it would work!

Rabbit 2: OK – you seem to have got a handle on it.

Rabbit 3: Better get to the lettuce bank.

Rabbit 1: We can do a DR.

Rabbit 2: DR?

Rabbit 1: Direct Rabbit.

Anyway, now we’ve been up and made our presence known, we’re off to do some more chapels. Lowertown first – no change here. Now he’s programmed the satnav to find Constantine.

The roads are getting narrower.

And grassier up the middle.

And we’ve met a tractor. Reverse.

And a car.


And another.

This time he’s reversing. And into Constantine. To be greeted by a herd of calves in the field by the car park.

Wonder why the churchyard is so much higher than the road?

She’s muttering about Irish Monasteries. Probably not, though. So now a walk through the village.

And finding the one we found before, but not the one for which she has a vague description.

Why was he describing it? He can be vague sometimes.

Only sometimes?

Now off to Tremough, where they’re building the new University campus.

Nothing here – too modern all round. Or what was here has gone. So back to shopping and rabbits.

One track mind.

Not noticed you holding back chasing them.

Only to keep an eye on you.

Rabbit 1: Right, they’ll be here in just under five minutes

Rabbit 2: Whaddya mean will be? They got here five minutes ago. There we were topside and there’s the other one grinning at us. Had to come in down the back way.

Rabbit 3: So what’s gone wrong this time, now we’ve paid for it. Service? I don’t think so! It’s worse than O2!

Rabbit 1: But it was working earlier, predicted them exactly right. You saw!

Rabbit 2: But it’s not working now. So fix it! Pronto!

Rabbit 3: Otherwise we’ll want our lettuce back.

So what did you do then?

You know their iPhones have a snooze on the alarm so that it’s delayed for nine minutes??

Yers …

I just set a snooze on the CPS system. Reading is nine minutes out. Just going to set it back. That’ll confuse things even more.

Just another thing.


They still don’t know you’re hacking into them?

Does it look like it? Rabbits aren’t that technologically advanced, you know. Anyway, Tomorrow I’m going to leave them alone to give them a false sense of security

Thursday 2nd August 2012

Up to the field – no rabbits.

As I said they’re relying on technology and not looking wider. I’ve learnt from him that systems don’t run themselves and require intervention. And common sense.

So he’s not just a pretty face, then?

Wouldn’t go as far as that – nowhere near. But he does do some things well.


OK, passably.

Anyway, breakfast then off to Redruth. She wants to do some searching for elusive chapels. Didn’t know they played hide and seek.

Think it’s more her not being able to find information. We’re parking where one of them burned down. Why’s it called Flowerpot? Don’t think she knows either. And now she’s gone into a bookshop. No change there, then.

Hey, only one book.

Some change there, then. Normally it’s half a shelf full.

Now he’s telling her to go find information. She’s off to the Cornish Studies Library.

Wonder why she didn’t go there earlier – Result! We can now go and find both places we’re looking for. One’s just round the corner.

An elusive chapel – found after a visit to a library – Ebeneezer Baptist Chapel, Redruth

And the other one’s taking a bit of finding, not helped by a typo in the grid reference in the book and a very high fence. Anyway, she’s got it – something we’ve been five years trying to find.

He’s said before that two hours in the library can save two months in the laboratory, so he’s right again – a rare event.

Better leave that for now – she’ll hear. Now up for lunch at Carn Brea. And a walk. Not as good visibility today.

Now shopping – and back to the site

And this evening’s walks have no rabbits. Still, have to go through the motions.

That’s all you ever seem to do.


Friday 3rd August 2012

OK, dodge the raindrops for our walk, then off to Camborne, then Hayle.

She wants to stop for coffee. Nothing new there, then.

We’re sitting outside – he’s in a slow queue. But it rains – hard. So we abandon that idea. So park at the usual place and walk across to Copperhouse. Walk round and he suggests something where a chapel was but she doesn’t think so. So off walking again.

Gave that one up for more research. Now off to Ventonleague.

He doesn’t think we have this one. But he thinks we have been here. We’re recording it just the same.

But then a very nice lady walks up and says to them that her husband has written a history of the chapel – were they interested.

She’s not one for looking gift horses in mouths, so she said yes. Then a gentleman comes up and shows her round and she’s bought his book.

Ventonleague Free Methodist Chapel - dating from 1875 the central pews are the originals.

Ventonleague Free Methodist Chapel – dating from 1875 the central pews are the originals.

Now there’s a change.

Irony doesn’t become you, Kerry. Although you’re right. They’ve also found out loads about other things in the area, and the chapel they were looking for earlier is exactly where he said it was. And now we’re off to find another one that they haven’t been able to find before. Apparently it’s now a cowshed.

And we’ve found it! Now up onto the moors for a last chapel of the day – and they’d already got it!

So shopping, and back.

Rabbit 1: Told you this system’s working. I can tell when they here and when they’re out.

Rabbit 2: Seems you’ve finally been able to get it to do what was intended.

Rabbit 3: Right, supper. Celebratory carrot time, methinks.

They still haven’t realised you’ve hacked into them?

Doesn’t look like it.

Saturday 4th August 2012

Usual morning walk, then off to Penzance. She’s gone to buy books.

Now tell me something new. But we’re walking with him round the harbour. Much more our style.

Sandy at Penzance Harbour – on the lookout for pirates

Kerry at Penzance Harbour – on the lookout for lunch.

And off via Newlyn. We’re passing Helen Glover’s family’s Ice Cream shop.

Helen Glover? That Helen Glover? The one who won Britain’s first Gold Medal at the Olympics Rowing?

That one. The shop’s decorated in celebration. No wonder!

Quick pit stop in St Buryan where they’re starting work on the church roof. They still need £100,000, though.

How much is that in Doggybix?

Let’s see. A hundred thousand divided by the cost of a Doggybix bag with loads of Doggybix, take off the number you first thought of, multiply by a few if there’s an ‘R’ in the month, subtract those you eat and we get – lots.

That’s pretty accurate for you.

I learnt that method from someone who calls themselves an Economist.

Enough – now up Chapel Carn Brea, then St Just to get lunch, and Carn Gloose to eat it. Good job we didn’t sit outside the car – we’d have got soaked!

Seeing that shower obscuring Sennen – and Chapel Carn Brea. If we’d have been up there then we’d have been a bit damp.

Then back to the Cheese shop.

It’s not really the Cheese Shop, it’s where they go to have coffee. It’s really The Cook Book, but they allow dogs in and give us a piece of cheese. And we nick their biscuits.

And a second walk on Chapel Carn Brea – different way this time.

Dartmoor Ponies!

Noticed you avoiding them.

Now shopping, and back to the site.

Have you got anything else planned for the rabbits.

Yes, but not yet. Leave them to gain false confidence.

Sunday 5th August 2012

Up and to the field – round the usual rabbit haunts.

You’re getting more sedate. Are you feeling the effects of all this rabbit chasing?

Just going through the motions, as you said.

Anyway, out to Penzance where she picked up the wrong books yesterday. Got two the same.

How can she tell, she’s got so many?

Agree, but these came out of the same bag.

Then St Just, Geevor to renew the subscription, then on to Zennor for lunch.

Now we’re starting on some serious chapel hunting. “about a mile from Zennor along the Old Coffin Road” is all she’s got. That and a photo of a ruin in some trees.

The Old Coffin Road is a field road – rabbits!

I predict just as much success as with those in Marazion.

Oh ye of little faith!

Rabbit 1: Zennor Control, we have reason to believe that the golden canine who doesn’t often respond to the name “Kerry Come Here!” is in your vicinity. And her partner in crime is also present.

Rabbit 1: Yes, we are giving you the information as soon as we have it. There is a delay to transmission because of the Olympics.

Rabbit 1: Yes, she does pretend to be a voracious predator.

Rabbit 1: Yes, she is fast beyond her appearance. And she does look as if she eats too much.

Rabbit 1: What do you mean, she’s been there for half an hour?

Rabbit 1: Yes, I know we need to share information, but the technology does take time.

Rabbit 1: Yes, we are up to date. We’re tracking their CPS as fast as we can.

Rabbit 1: Well, it’s the fastest available.

Rabbit 1: Well thank you! We’re just trying to help out. And I’m glad your people outran the canine who doesn’t often respond to the name “Kerry Come Here!”.

She’s going to find this chapel – he’s determined that she does!

Don’t care – it’s fun!

Hey, what’s that from above – is it a peregrine?

Not one, two of them. Fortunately we’re a little big for their lunch – they need something smaller.

These granite cattle grids are no problem for us, although she’s a bit shaky on them. He’s OK though.

View of Tregerthen Bible Christian chapel from the field road. It was said to have been “out of use for some time” by 1918.

Anyway – this mile seems like a Cornish mile. Hey – found it. We’re between Tregerthen and Wicca.

And under the trees a porch is visible.

Wonder why they built it all the way out here? No other buildings around.

Land was cheap. Labour was cheap or voluntary.

You’ve been listening to them.

Yep. While you were asleep.

Where are you off?

Rabbits! Maybe they’re slower here.

Unlikely. Anyway she’s calling you. She’s worried.

I’m OK.

Yes, but she worries. So does he.

OK, back. Now off again.

They’re calling you again.

When I’m ready!

But that’s not when they’re ready.

Right – back on the leads as we’re back in Zennor.

And a coffee stop at the converted chapel. And being fed cake.

So back to site.

Hey, they’re using a new technique – there’s a spotter rabbit by the side of the road.

They can spot all they like – I’m too knackered.

Supper, then out again – wonder where we’re off?

Chinese takeaway time – giving him a night off from cooking.

Meal for two, that said – enough for three there. Better than the other place they went to.

And for us!

Anyway, I’m knackered!


Monday 6th August 2012

Up early and up for the rabbits.

I saw one, I saw one. And chased it!

But did you catch it?

Errrm …

Take that as a no, then.

Rabbit 3: So what’s happened to this early warning system! Good job I was keeping a lookout otherwise I’d be hors d’oeuvres.

Rabbit 2: I saw that – the golden one just appeared from nowhere.

Rabbit 1: Thought I’d have a bit of a lie in – was there a problem?

Rabbit 3: Lie in! Lie in! And after we’ve paid all that lettuce. And you go and take your eye off the ball!

Rabbit 1: I was up late watching the greyhound racing.

Rabbit 2: Greyhound racing?

Rabbit 1: Yes, always a happy ending – they never catch the hare.

Anyway, off to St Ives. They have to go.

Parking pricey, then a steep walk into town. I don’t really like it here – too many crowds.

But she has to see a chapel. And for that we put up with it.

Not a very friendly welcome from a pushy woman. Not interested in our reasons for being here, just her agenda. So back to the car and lunch.

That pub used to be OK, but gone very pretentious. All they wanted was a sandwich – all they were offered was a load of overpriced stuff with fancy names. So off to St Just and the usual fare at the usual place.

Now back to the chapel hunt. Oops, wrong road. But now identified one we found a couple of years ago.

Trythall Mission – didn’t have a machete so couldn’t get closer.

And found a new one. Good job she spotted the house name – been transformed a bit. But you can see where the alterations have been made. Now she’s happy.

The Old Chapel, Trezelah – not obvious from external appearance except for the house sign. But you can see the alterations in the space between the upper and lower windows – they were probably long single windows not split on two floors. Looks like fireplaces were added some time ago. This may now be two houses.

So shopping, then caravan.

Hang on, he’s dropped her off and we’re going out again. Hey – Long Rock!

Tennis Ball!




Tennis ball! Oi, human! I mean now, not next week!



And me!


And sit in her lap.

You’ll make her soggy!

Dead right.



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