Posted by: John Colby | Sunday November 13 2011

Celtic Terrors Dogblog November 2011 – Walk in the Park for Jo and Kaiser

Celtic Terrors Dogblog November 2011 – Walk in the Park for Jo and Kaiser

Kerry …


There’s loads of dogs here.

There would be, Sandy, it’s a sponsored dog walk. Honestly!

But what I mean that it’s good that there are. For Kaiser.

Oh – see what you mean. Is that him?

Could be – big, white ,woolly – let’s drag them to say hi and sniff round a bit.

Jo and Kaiser at the start - Kaiser's the big white woolly one.

Jo and Kaiser at the start - Kaiser's the big white woolly one.

And the rest of them. Plenty of Springers.

Gundog country.

Wonder if there’ll be any rabbits?

Why don’t I keep my mouth shut? Yes there will be but you’re not going after them.

But I could catch supper for both of us.

After five years trying in Cornwall you think that Staffordshire rabbits are any slower?

Well I … but we’ve got to pose with Kaiser.



Is this my best side?


But that what you said we had to do.

Grief! Now watch it – we’re being called for the TV camera!

So Kaiser’s famous then – saw him last year. Some award or something.

“Friends for Life” at Crufts. Remember they woke us up to watch.

If they will feed us then give us the sofa to lie on what do they expect? We fall asleep.

Hey – back to it – we’re off soon.

Did you have to do that in such quantity?

Don’t worry, he’s cleared it up.

They’ve got their wristbands.

He looks SO fetching in pink!

Suits him – hey hang on.

And now he’s saying he’s taking it back – not carrying it round.

He’ll catch us up. She’s slower than him.

Lovely Autumn Day

Lovely Autumn day. Hey, don’t believe that she’s slow – this is a cracking pace!

He’s taking photos – he’ll catch us up.

Like the smells round here. Different.

After half a mile

He’s taking his time catching us. Let’s wait for him.

If we both stand she can’t move.

And now he’s putting us on longer leads.

So we can trip her up more.

Good plan.

Still a lovely Autumn day.


A pack of well behaved dogs

Water stop. He carries it round for us.

It’s getting warm. She’s got her coat off. Not bad for mid November.

Hey – what’s that?


How much?

And sheep – Jacobs.

Oh – not that kind of dear. Lemme attem!

No, Kerry – leave them alone. Beside we’d never get one in the car to get it home.

Make a change from dog food!

Stomach on legs!

If you’d been where I’ve been …

Point taken.

Still a lovely Autumn day.

There’s a lot of dogs!

And we’re back – and looking to see which photo she wants.

And he’s buying treats for us!

He’s soft like that.

Me first! Me first!

He makes sure we get the same.

But I’m only making sure they’re edible!

Anyway, they said 80 people. And he counted 40 dogs.

So Jo’s a bit closer to getting the wheelchair to take Kaiser out more.

Hope so.

Good day.

Yep. And thanks to all those who’ve sponsored us.

Yes, Jo and Kaiser are now closer to being able to get out independently. And that’s important for both of them


The Celtic Terrors – Dogs Trust rescue dogs – Sandy was born in Scotland, was adopted but the people had to hand her back because they moved. She’s a Labrador, German Shepherd, collie cross. Kerry was a stray from Ireland and when found was “very thin”. She makes up for that now. We think she was chucked out at Christmas 2006. Our vet described her as “Well, there’s collie in there somewhere”.


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