Posted by: John Colby | Friday August 12 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 23, Friday 12th August 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 23, Friday 12th August 2011

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Up early …

For them. I’ve been ready to get to the rabbits for hours.

So all the snores were just window dressing?

I don’t snore!

Hmmmm?? They say you do.

They say you do as well.

Not as bad as them.

Agreed. Now to these rabbits!

Missed that one. And that one!

You’re not helping!

Let’s go and get some reliable breakfast.

She’s busy packing.

While he’s out of the way with us.

She wants it that way.

And us in the car while they fold up the awning. They’re having trouble with those zips. That’s twenty minutes she’s spent on that one.

Finally packed and on the way.

He’s stopping. Now what’s he forgotten?

It’s OK, he just wanted to check.

Traffic – we’re not two miles from the site yet.

It’s OK, you can use my bum as a pillow.

I wouldn’t need to if you only took up half the seat!

I have got half, the middle half!

Right – on the A30.

Traffic. To be expected.

But not this much, it’s a bit slow.

We’re turning off on the A38 soon.

We’re not – that’s blocked with an accident, that sign says so.

He’s turning off. Hope he knows where he’s going.

Don’t think he does – he’s working by instinct.

Like we do?

Something like that. … I hope!

Steep hills round here. And through towns. Was that a steam train we passed? We’re not in a time warp are we?

Where did you learn about steam trains?

Puppy School. They also taught us how to be REALLY cute.

And mine did.

Where are we going?

He’s heading to Lostwithiel.

When are they going to find it again?

Uh – oh! Road closed and diversion. Says ‘unsuitable for HGVs’. He’s having to try it, though.

The road’s narrowing.

And getting steeper!

I’m going to shut my eyes. I don’t want to see this!

He’s shut the satnav off. Relying on maps.

She’s shut her eyes as well!

If he does we’re all in deep do-dos!

And now there’s a lorry blocking the path – he’s getting out to look and see if we can get past.


Don’t know about unsuitable for HGVs – unsuitable for cars more like!

And now we’re in the town – a town with narrow streets.

This turn looks a bit tight. There’s a ditch my side. Traffic will have to stop in both directions before he can get out.

Eventually someone stopped. And now they’re both breathing a bit more easily.

I didn’t know you could get a caravan through such places.

Neither did he!

Lay by. Time to stretch our legs.

Aaaaaahhhhhhh! I needed that!

Aaaaaahhhhhhh! So did I!

And now off again. And over the Tamar.

And through Plymouth.

He’s saying he lived up there, that place we just passed.

And there. And now some miles under us.

And off the A38 to Totnes. And a traffic queue. Thought they’d run out of stock of them by now. And now he’s getting the Satnav annoyed again by taking a different route.

And down another country lane. Into the site.

Good dog walk – plenty of dogs here.

Into Sainsbury to do the shopping. Followed the Satnav and that was down a narrow road with plenty of reversing. Then shopped. And then through Paignton.

Can’t go far – it’s the Regatta and roads are closed. So back to the site.

And now supper!

Usual comment.

He’s taking us out for a late night excursion.

What’s that?


Wonder if they taste the same as Cornish rabbits? But I suppose that would mean catching one.


Better luck next time.

In a Cornish Burrow.

Rabbit 1: Attention South Hams. Alert for brown canine answering to the name of “Kerry, come here!”. Or maybe just “Kerry”. Left Marazion en route for you.

South Hams Rabbit: We have just experienced said animal – what took you so long to alert us?

Rabbit 1: They were stuck in a traffic jam. Didn’t think they’d be up to you yet.

South Hams Rabbit: Well they are. If you have any more alerts could you please make them more timely and we’ll be able to make use of them.

Rabbit 2: You’ve done it again haven’t you?

Rabbit 3: Looks like it. You’d better have it fixed for next year.

Rabbit 1: You think they’ll be coming here again?

Rabbit 3: They’ve booked.

Rabbit 1: So you’d better renew your subscription …

Rabbit 2: After this year, you want MORE lettuce.

Rabbit 1: I have to keep the system going. Can’t do it without people buying it.

Rabbit 3: What do you think your name is, Bill Gates?

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