Posted by: John Colby | Wednesday August 10 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 21, Wednesday 10th August 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 21, Wednesday 10th August 2011

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They fell for it! They fell for it!

I noticed – you were expecting that weren’t you? I could tell by the way you took off.

Yep – one tweak and one message was all it took.

What were they?

Message was that we had no hope of catching them, tweak was me switching off CPS.

When you took off after them I had a job keeping up.

I can move fast enough! But we still didn’t catch them.

You know those shops all over the place – called “Co-operative Food”?


I’ve decided bunnies are “uncooperative food”.

Thought it was my jokes module?

The one I paid for is better.

So off for more chapels. Oh oh! They’re finding more!

Small clues are often all you get

I’ve said it before, I hope they save some for next year. Or do they grow when we’re not around?

Don’t know. I think he’s convinced they are growing! She calls it research.

And now lunch – Porthustock. And a relaxing time on the beach. Bit breezy, though.

A sight not often seen, thankfully - knees

Back to Sainsbury’s and find a large traffic jam. And emergency services. So off on a jaunt round the nether reaches of Helston to get back. Then supper and bed.

In a burrow.

Rabbit 2: This famous – ahem – CPS of yours. What happened to it this morning?

Rabbit 1: It suffered an outage – not much I can do about external systems.

Rabbit 3: But so very convenient for them that the outage was precisely when they were about? And problematic for us?

Rabbit 1: As I said, external systems.

Rabbit 2: So who precisely controls the CPS? Someone you can complain to? Because it was very close this morning.

Rabbit 1: It says it’s Kay 9 Systems Limited.

Rabbit 3: And that hasn’t made you suspicious?

Rabbit 1: Err, no. Should it?

Rabbit 2: Read it. Out loud.

Rabbit 1: Kay Nine – errr – you may have a point.

Rabbit 3: A very good point. All this time you’ve been relying on something controlled by THEM??? I WANT MY LETTUCE BACK!

Rabbit 2: And mine!!!

Rabbit 1: Well – errr – I’ve eaten it – can do you a refund in grass, though.

Rabbit 2: You mean the stuff that’s growing free?

Rabbit 1: That’s the stuff.

Rabbit 3: You owe us – BIG TIME!

Rabbit 2: And that’s from me as well – BIG TIME!

Rabbit 1: It’s a good job they’re going in a couple of days.

Rabbit 2: Yes, isn’t it – and convenient! Let’s just not have any more slips ups. Shall we?

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