Posted by: John Colby | Monday August 8 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 19, Monday 8th August 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 19, Monday 8th August 2011

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Clear night again – saw the Milky Way – and you can stop that joke before you even start it, Sandy!


Rabbits prominent by their absence.

I, too, am lulling them into a false sense of security.


Social engineering.

I’ll leave that to you.

So today, more Chapels,

But in different places.

So to a place just west of Lelant – and meet a very nice lady who shows us round and tells stories of the St Ives Coffin Road that maybe led to a Cholera burial ground.

And then on to a very circuitous tour of St Ives down some very narrow lanes. Don’t blame the SatNav this time, blame the map reader!

And find the one we’d been looking for we’d done a few years back. Then off to Hayle and lunch.

Blagged some!

We both did. Then on to Gwithian, and a tour to find some new ones.

And some almost fluorescent!

Tastes in decor differ ...

Then shopping, then back and on to Long Rock.








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