Posted by: John Colby | Sunday August 7 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 18, Sunday 7th August 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 18, Sunday 7th August 2011

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Wonderful clear sky on our late walk last night. Saw the Milky Way.

We’re not allowed that sort of chocolate.

Hey – that’s my joke – I did it some years ago!

I’m just getting in first.

OK – they came free with my Poetic Licence.

But she’s declared today a no-jokes day.

That only applies to him – not to us.

That’s OK then. … Oh No! What have I just said?

Heh, heh! Thank you for that. Have you heard the one about …


Or the one about the …

YES! Several times!

How about …

I’ve heard ALL your jokes – several times! They’re just as funny now as they were then – in other words, they’re not!

My talents are just not appreciated.

Talents, maybe, jokes, no.

Right – off. We’re going to see Cape Watersports, assuming it’s still on.

Is that where they have the mile sea swim in from the Brisons?

The Brisons - hosts a large Razorbill colony.

That’s the one.

How will we know if it’s on?

Notices in St Just.


Not today. They’re just going to get some lunch there. But first, up Chapel Carn Brea

Breezy! And soon to be rainy if that stuff coming in from the Isles is anything to go by.

So we’re going down, into St Just, pick up lunch …


… predictable! … and then to Carn Gloose.

Sea off Cape Cornwall - swimming not advised

And it’s cancelled – not really a surprise looking at the sea state. However lunch in the car …

Her taking photos. Him nagging her to take more.


That’s my line!

And back to the van to sit out the rain.

Hey, her pix are very good!

He thinks so as well. That’s why he’s on at her to take more.

The sea at the base of Cape Cornwall

And as we’re on the steering committee tonight some laying about this afternoon wouldn’t come amiss.

Steering committee done. And here’s some more stats.


It takes twice as long to get back from the pub as it does to get to it, and it’s downhill on the way back.

Anything else?

Yes. The motion back from the pub was f(sin(x)+d).

Can you not be more precise?

You were there – their motion back from the pub and you want me to be precise?????

Point taken. So that’s the guide work done for this year.

Not yet – next weekend we’re going to Stoke Gabriel. And she’s requested a meal out.

Do we get overtime for this?

No, but we need to protect them from themselves.

Suppose that we’ll just do it, then.


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