Posted by: John Colby | Saturday August 6 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 17, Saturday 6th August 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 17, Saturday 6th August 2011

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Good walk this morning – LOADS of smells.

Didn’t notice you going off much after the rabbits.

I’m lulling them into a false sense of security.

I’ve been doing some stats.

Stats? About what?

This holiday. Did you know that by far the largest use of kitchen roll has been them mopping up after they’ve stepped in our water bowl?


And that the amount of sand we’ve deposited over the back of the car would fill a small bucket?

Must try harder at that.

And that the number of rabbits you haven’t caught …

STOP there – too much information.

And now breakfast.


That’s theirs.

But we’ll get some – not enough, but …

And another statistic about your desire for food  …

If you’d been where I’ve been …

OK, I’ll stop.

They say we’re going to St Ives today. For chapels.

And the news is …?

Look, if they want to drag us round and then have guilt trips for dragging us round so they take us to run in great places, I’ll put up with them dragging us round.

Suppose you’re right – just don’t like the traffic. Or the little kids who think it’s fun to tease dogs. Like those who stroke us, though.

He stops the bad ones pretty quick. For me it’s the kids on site who are just let scream. They tell us off pretty quick for barking, so what’s the difference.

Control. We know our boundaries. And when we stretch or cross them. Was it something from before that you don’t like kids screaming?

Can’t talk about it – maybe one day …

He says there was an idea some time ago that you didn’t instil self-discipline kids because you’d stifle their creativity. He says that of the people he gets you can tell who’s got the self-discipline to listen and get on with their work. And it’s these who’re showing the greatest creativity. These are the ones who he doesn’t see for resits, whatever they are.

Wish he could talk some sense into our neighbours this holiday.

And me. But now he’s finished cooking.


Wait your turn.

Don’t I always?

Yes, you always take your turn in trying to nick mine!

There they go again!

I know you get upset. Their parents never seem to say anything. Are they so insensitive?

According to her, yes.

Ah well, abort St Ives. We’d never get anywhere. Onto Men an Tol. Stone with a hole.

I knew that.

I know you know – it’s just that the people reading this blog may not.

Ha – we’re slow – following this large lime green coach with German number plates.

Not very good with the steering – don’t think he’s been round these parts before.

We’re on the road between Zennor and Pendeen. A very amusing negotiation concering passing in a narrow stretch of road on a narrow bend between the German coach driver and the Italian driver of a large motorhome. Negotiation carried out in partial English with much arm waving.

Passed with millimetres to spare. And now a car has had to go into a field to let him through. We’re letting the car escape from the field.

And finally the coach has drawn into the side of the road to let us pass.

The fun’s not over yet – the open topped double decker round Penwith bus has just passed us in the opposite direction – be fun when they meet. British bus has the advantage of shorter wheelbase and driver with experience of the roads.

And now we’re at Men an Tol – out for a walk.

And she’s spotted another chapel. How unusual. Men an Tol first, though.

Men an Tol - stone with a hole - early Bronze Age, but moved and messed about with since.

Whatever they see in it I know what I see in it – places to go explore!

Now they’re talking to people about the site – and the uncertainty over what it really is.

And how some stones were moved – not many people know that.

Lunch here. We’re in the queue. And being successful.

Poser 1

Poser 2

Now back to the car and off to find that chapel. Fortunately they’ve already bagged that one.

And now we’re off to the cheese shop.

They call it the coffee shop in St Just – it’s that dogs get cheese when they visit.

And they give us their biscuits they get with the coffee. Won’t let us have coffee though.

No telling what you’d do on coffee – you’re hyper enough.

Waiting for him to buy books.

Makes a change from waiting for her to buy books.

And now off to Chapel Carn Brea.

And he’s found someone to talk to – about where his grandfather was stationed during the war. Lots of information being given. Lucky.

And we’ve found some twitchers after Black Kites. People with spotting scopes and path blocking tripods.

You can see the Isles of Scilly again.

I’d noticed. And the rain passing across the bay shimmering in the sunlight.

Hey – it’s me who has renewed their Poetic Licence!

Just prompting.

And now back – supper then bed. Been a long day.

And off out again tomorrow. I could get used to this.

They wish they could get used to this, but sometime they’ll have to get back to work.

Sandy! Using that four letter word on holiday!

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