Posted by: John Colby | Thursday August 4 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 15, Thursday 4th August 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 15, Thursday 4th August 2011

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Very wet night. He’s been up during the night making sure we didn’t get flooded.

There’s some problems with some tents and caravans. There’s a tipi in the field that’s stayed up OK.

And the rabbits haven’t been washed away. However damp bunny dilutes the taste a bit.

I’ve heard some excuses …

And now we’re going out.

And not changing the subject at all …

And there’s the white large campers – ARRRGGHHH! Different ones – three Italians this time!

Something about “… on the beaches …” springs to mind. Where have I read that before?

And now into Penzance. Pirate time.

And more chapels.

And found some – she’s not leaving any for next year.

Some chapels have quite prosaic uses ...

She will. But she can’t identify some of them – must be long gone.

Some of them are pretty ornate. They must have had some money then.

... but some have been well looked after.

And now lunch.

You’re feeling better, aren’t you?

And now on to some more. Totally crowded so we’re going back to Marazion. She’s going shopping …

So we’re going back with him.

In a certain burrow.

Rabbit 1: They’re coming back early!

Rabbit 3: You’re sure this time?

Rabbit 1: Yes.

Rabbit 2: Right – lookout time.

An hour passes.

Rabbit 3: Absolutely no sign of them.

Rabbit 2: Are you sure of your data?

Rabbit 1: The system picked them up – they should have been there! They’re not now, for certain.

Rabbit 2: Well they aren’t. I’m beginning to get a bit suspicious of your systems.

Rabbit 3: Well we’re going topside. I feel the need for food.

Rabbit 1: We’ll all go. I have faith in my systems!

Rabbit 2: (breathing heavily) I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO FAITH IN YOUR SYSTEMS! Go up and staring me in the face is that brown one with a smug smile! And then turn round …

Rabbit 3: … and the other one’s there!

Rabbit 1: I can’t explain how …

Rabbit 2: And to think we’ve each paid TWO MONTHS lettuce for this.

Rabbit 3: You’d better have an explanation for this … and soon!

Rabbit 1: Well, I … well, I …

Rabbit 3: … SOON!

How did you do that to them?

Easy – just went in and changed the time zone on their machine.

Did you used to work for the News of the World?


You must be feeling better

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