Posted by: John Colby | Wednesday August 3 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 14, Wednesday 3rd August 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 14, Wednesday 3rd August 2011

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Morning walk. Kerry’s having her usual success with getting our lunch, so we’ll hope they’re taking something extra for us.

They do. And I’m lulling the rabbits into a false sense of security by slowing down.

Ah, yes, well …


So we’d better get out. Hey look …!

In the car park – eleven German campervans all in a row! They have invaded!

Let’s not get into Fawlty Towers mode.

Right – then back – she’s forgotten something.

And off again.

And to Cockwells – a private conservation project – looking very good indeed! This is the fifth year we’ve been here.

And now to Redruth. She’s found some more! Stop and photograph.

Sometimes clues for the locations of chapels are in unusual forms. This one was destroyed by fire in 1975.

And record.

And sometimes the clues are a little more elusive.

And now up to Carn Brea for lunch and a walk.

Looks foggy over St Ives and the west. Could mean rain. Warm,  though.

Huh? Didn’t notice – nose in bracken time. But I know you sometimes sit and look at the distance.

Confuses the rabbits no end.

And more chapels. And Sainsburys, and back.

This conversion to flats (nine of them) at Tuckingmill looks to be very good from the outside.

Pretty heavy rain – what are you doing?

Practicing sleeping.

Another Spike Milligan reference.

Well, we have been seeing the Germans.

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