Posted by: John Colby | Tuesday August 2 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 13, Tuesday 2nd August 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 13, Tuesday 2nd August 2011

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Sennen today – Farmers’ Market – apparently some different cheese. So off via Long Rock.

Hey – what’s that going into the car park? Three – five – no, eleven large motorhomes all with German registration plates.

We’ve been invaded!

Don’t think so – they don’t have rear gunners.

You’ve been reading too much Spike Milligan!

Anyway, on to Sennen. We can’t go in so one of them stays with us. She’s surveyed and sent him back in with a list of demands shopping list.

And there’s this ripe cheese smell. But we’re not allowed any (yet) and it’s on to Chapel Carn Brea for a run.

They’re slow today.

They had cider last night.

Probably the cause.

Hey, there are the Isles of Scilly! Very clear. You can see for miles!

I’m more concerned finding out what’s under the bracken.

What’s she doing?

We’re at 657ft above sea level. Says so on the marker. She’s on her phone and making notes.

So what’s she doing?

High level research.

Groan! You’ve renewed your Poetic Licence with the free jokes module, haven’t you?

But it was free!

I’ve told you before it was worth what you paid for it!

Now to St Just and then Carn Gloose for lunch


Of course, stomach on legs!

If you’d been where I’ve been …

Point taken. I’m glad that I’ve always know where my next meal was coming from. Was it …

DON’T want to talk about it!

Longships LIght - the lunchtime view

Successful lunch – good flavours there.

Did we leave them any?

Not much – good for their waistlines!

And now where?

Bay of Biscay.

I know their navigation isn’t as good as it could be sometimes, but that’s a bit far!

Apparently a farm – chapel nearby.

Tell me something new!

And now they’ve discounted them. And we’ve gone round in circles. Now we’re going back to Tesco.


Ahem! Now back via Long Rock and … THE BEACH! WE’VE TURNED OFF!!!

Have patience – there’s a train coming so we’ll have to wait.


OK, train passed, now we can get on.

Hurry up and park so we can get out!

I’m out!

So am I!


Long Rock Beach - more sand this year that's covered the pebbly berm.




Other dogs!





They don’t mind






You’re not very fast tonight.



Where are they going to sit?

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