Posted by: John Colby | Sunday July 31 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 11, Sunday 31st July 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 11, Sunday 31st July 2011

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Bit damp this morning – ground’s still dry, though.

Very British, Kerry, talking about the weather?

But we’ve been lucky so far. Wonder what they’ll do today?

Heard it’s a non-car day – walk.

I’m up for that!

So into Marazion the back way, round the town.

Not village?

Charter market town – says so on the Town Hall.

And then onto the beach. Hey, that sea wall’s new! Ah, it’s those new houses on the top.

Sea Wall at Top Tieb

So if the wall doesn’t hold, then the houses …

Let’s hope they have engineers who’ve heard of explosive decompression. That recessed mortar is a bit iffy.

Well, we’ve heard of it, and we’re not engineers, but I can see your point about the recessed mortar. That’s why harbour walls have smooth faces.

We’re dogs, but that doesn’t stop us recognising things.

Sea walls, old and new

So now where – it’s getting wetter.

Back for lunch, they said.

And now they’re having an afternoon in the warm and dry.

Supper’s early.

It’s Sunday – you know what that means.

Ten minutes there, twenty minutes back – the pub.

And we have to guide them back.

And back – not excessive deviations from the straight.

But plenty of them.

So that’s over for another week.

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