Posted by: John Colby | Saturday July 30 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 10, Saturday 30th July 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 10, Saturday 30th July 2011

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This is our seventh day away, Kerry. Better tell them where we are.


Because I’ve learnt to do links from this blog and I want to show off.

Not like you, not like you at all, Sandy.

I’ll ignore that!

You usually do.

So we’re at Wheal Rodney, Marazion.

Full marks for observation.

WE know that but THEY may not.

OK, point taken. Is that one of your links?

Yep! And on the site there’s camping, room for caravans and self catering lodges

Getting clever on the links, aren’t we?

And where she goes every night, the pool. And there’s the shop.

You’re forgetting something.


They welcome dogs.

Goes without saying – we’re here. And there’s the video.

Are we on it?

No, but our tent is.

But we’re in a caravan!

This was shot last year. And in the vid there’s places we’ve been to.

Show me!

OK, there’s Marazion itself, the Fire Engine, stuff around the area, the site.

That’s Sian speaking.

She wants people to come and stay here.

But that’s just like how it is – exactly how it is. And the thing I like here is that it’s all grass and smooth tracks. Not like those sites with tons of gravel and hard standing. Hurts the paws. And there’s the rabbits!

Wondered how long it would be before they came up. We’re in the countryside – what do you expect?

Hey, enough surfing, we’re going out.

We’re off to that show.

St Buryan.

Sun’s out – it’s going to be hot.

They’ll keep us cool – there’s plenty of water in his sack.

Bet he ends up sharing it with people who haven’t brought any for their dogs.

He will. Can’t believe that there’re people who bring drink for themselves and not their dogs.

Dog Show. Lots of dogs. Not in a very good place – diesel smells.

And you can’t hear anything because of the commentary in the ring.

Not staying long. We’re hot and they’re turning into lobsters.

And we were right about people not bringing water. Or only a little piddling amount.

And now they’re saying that someone’s left two dogs in a campervan.

Hope they’re all right. People like that aren’t really equipped to have dogs.


Mentally equipped. Something’s missing.

Now we’re off round the field.

What’s that?

Thing is - would the dogs let us share?

A caravan, a small one.

But where would they sleep?

Probably in a tent.

Prefer ours.

Just leaving for St Just and the cheese shop.

Don’t care about the cheese – just want some cool.

They’re bringing water, that cool enough?

No cheese – but coffee and cake for them – which they’re sharing.

Did you expect anything else? And now to Tesco and back to the van.

And laze round outside for a while.

I’m sunbathing.

As usual.

In somewhere subterranean

Rabbit 1: They’re back.

Rabbit 2: Oh deep joy.  What told you this time? Your CPS? Your sixth sense? Your telepathy?

Rabbit 3: Or did you contact the other side?

Rabbit 1: Nope, just heard them barking. Stop being so cynical.

Rabbit 2: And we have reason not to be cynical?

Rabbit 3: So when’s it safe to go topside?

Rabbit 1: Any time. But keep a lookout.

Rabbit 2: So why don’t you go first?

Rabbit 3: Yes, you prove how safe it is.

Rabbit 1: I … errr … errrmmm …

Rabbit 2: Well?

Rabbit 3: Go on then.

Rabbit 1: You’re making it very difficult for me to say no.

Rabbit 3: Exactly.

Rabbit 1: That was close – two of them ganged up.

Rabbit 2: So ‘any time’ was a little bit of exaggeration?

Rabbit 3: Judging by how fast you came down again, obviously.

Rabbit 1: Well … errr …  errrm …

Rabbit 2: You’ve done it again, haven’t you?

Rabbit 1: … errrm … err mmmm …

You nearly got it that time.

It’s hot. And I’m tired. And it’s suppertime.

So food out of a tin is preferable to fresh bunny?

You don’t have to chase it. They just give it to you. And if you had bunny every day it would get boring.

I’ve heard some excuses …

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  1. Hmmmm….
    Scary stuff that shiny little thing…
    Yup, must lock myself into a termos, soooooonnnn….!!!!
    Poor dogs….

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