Posted by: John Colby | Friday July 29 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 09, Friday 29th July 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 09, Friday 29th July 2011

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We had to kick them out of bed this morning. Missed the rabbits.

You always do.

Don’t start!

Heh, heh!


Stomach on legs!


And now out – north coast.

Quite some queue coming into Hayle.

It’s that stupid shopping centre at that roundabout. Not good engineering. Or traffic control.

Where now?

Portreath, they said – to the side we’ve not been before.


Not there, apparently. Later maybe.

Bit of erosion – coast path collapsed. She’s not happy.

Neither would you be faced with a 300ft drop! We’re off again.

Where are we?


How do you know?

Read the signpost. And now they’re going on about mining landscape. All I can see is places to explore!

And now she’s talking about Gwennap Pit. Didn’t know there were coal mines down here.

This one’s a chapel.

Hey, we’re being allowed in. And there’s a friendly Patterdale Terrier. Called Jack. Smells OK.

Now she’s buying books. Again! “Research” is her excuse.

Nice people. Dog people. Plenty of attention for us.

Now onto lunch.

Now who’s thinking of her stomach?

Oh oh! Diversion – place we haven’t been before.

So now more chapels. She’s taking notes.

And he’s photographing.

Sometimes there's loads of information on the date stones.

And sometimes it's less helpful

That’s three new ones we’ve found. Are they breeding?

Hope not. Think he hopes not as well.

And now Carn Brea.

Feed me!

They did.

And now up to the top.

Not changed much.

But just as good. They let us just explore.

Now Sainsburys, now back. And snack time!

And up to the field.

Nearly caught one that time.

Back – he’s doing supper.

And then plenty of space to stretch out.

It's been a long day


In the burrow.

Rabbit 2: That plan just is not working. Thought you said they’re miles away.

Rabbit 1: Put their microchip numbers into the CPS and that said they’re nowhere near!

Rabbit 2: CPS?

Rabbit 1: Canine positioning system. Tells me where they are.

Rabbit 2: Let us have a look.

Rabbit 3: You‘re using the free system, right?

Rabbit 1: Yes.

Rabbit 2: Have you ever heard of stock market reports? You know, the ones you get from the BBC?

Rabbit 1: Yes.

Rabbit 3: So have you noticed that they all say that they’re twenty minutes behind?

Rabbit 1: Of course.

Rabbit 2: So have you noticed that your famous CPS is also twenty minutes behind? And your early warning system is worth so much wilted lettuce?

Rabbit 1: Errrmmmm …

Rabbit 3: Take it the answer is “No”.

Rabbit 2: So what, pray tell me, value is it for alerting us to when they’re coming back twenty minutes after they’ve got here?

Rabbit 1: Errrmmmm …

Rabbit 3: You’ve gone and done it again, haven’t you.

Rabbit 1: Errrmmmm …

They fell for it!


The cheap option. They fell for what the sparrows told them from Twitter.

But I still didn’t catch them.

This time we’ll blame it on a long day and being relaxed, OK?

OK. Tomorrow, though …

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  1. Almost as confused and/or confuzing as Moodle, Poodle and Foodle…!!!
    Keep going, dogs included…

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