Posted by: John Colby | Thursday July 28 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 08, Thursday 28th July 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 08, Thursday 28th July 2011

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Sooooo – let’s see what they’re up to – ah yes, multiple approaches to confuse us.

Which means?

They all pop up at once to confuse you.

So I’d not know which one to chase?


You’re feeling better, aren’t you?

Yes, quite a bit, thanks. But don’t like that paste they’re feeding me. Pro … pro … probiotic, that’s what it says on the tube.

It’s supposed to do you good. Replacing the bacteria in your gut. The friendly ones.

I’m holding out for the chicken!

So I noticed! Anyway, about these rabbits …

Just like you said, they all pop up at once. Nearly got that one though.

You were prepared.

Thanks to you. Now where are they taking us?



Apparently so.

Been to this one before.

But she’s found some more information on it.

When doesn’t she?

I think its called research.

Hey – we’re stopping. Must be the view.

Tin Country, Camborne, Carn Brea and Beyond

Quick – before they get back.

I’ll steer, you do the pedals.

No chance – he’s taken the keys!

Oops, spotted!

A foiled hijacking

Done the chapels, now off to St Just.

Sausage rolls!

You hope!

No often been wrong on that with them. … See, I was right!

And now off to their favourite lunch stop – Carn Gloose.

And in a burrow

Rabbit 1: Alert, Alert. General call for West Penwith, especially Carn Gloose. Approach of brown canine, answers (sometimes) to the name of Kerry. Pretends to be voracious predator. Easily outrun. May also visit other sites in the vicinity. Over.

Amid crackles: Thank you Wheal Rodney. Will pass on. Over and out.

Rabbit 2: Says you who just got away by the tip of your tail!

Rabbit 1: I was deliberately slowing down!

Rabbit 3: Huh!

Told you there were sausage rolls!

Yes, all right – you win.

But can’t see the Scillies today. But can see loads. Very relaxing this blue sea and sky.

Most people don’t believe that dogs can see colours.

Dogs can see blue! Just not their red and green. And we can see yellow.

They’d better Google for it if they don’t believe us, then.

But I smell rabbits.

Careful, they may have been forewarned.

Are they asleep?

Not quite. They’re saying we should make a move.

Pawn to Queen four.

Not that sort of move!

Where to?

Chapel …

Another one!

Chapel Carn Brea, if I can be allowed to finish!

That’s better.

Doesn’t change much – just as good.

Think that’s why they like it.

And we do. They just let us do what we want.

Which is to be with them. And chase rabbits.

Not many in evidence. I wonder if …

You’re plotting again.

Yep. But for now just enjoy the walk.

Then St Buryan – a church this time. He wants to see evidence of previous buildings.

Then Tesco, then back to the site.

Then supper.

Then sleep.

Good holiday so far.

And the weather’s been OK.

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