Posted by: John Colby | Wednesday July 27 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 07, Wednesday 27th July 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 07, Wednesday 27th July 2011

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I do not like the v*ts – I’m not going!

You’ve been a bit off your food and they’re concerned.


They don’t like having to take you, but you’re going. They say so.

There, that wasn’t too bad – you have an upset stomach. I can tell you’re not a hundred percent – you haven’t been spying on the rabbits.

Look, I’ve just been groped all over and stuck with a needle – and you’re saying it’s not too bad?

But they’re doing it for you.

Suppose so. Now do you suppose we’ll get to a beach?

That’s what they’re talking about.

And lunch. She’s bought some chicken.

Not ALL for you, sunshine!

But I’ve been off my food.

And they noticed. Now stop complaining.

Viewing the Distance

Porthustock! More people than we’ve ever seen here!

Time for a chill out session – after lunch.

They’re taking photos – we’d better pose.

Sandy Posing

You, you are a right poser.


Quarrying gabbro (presumably) for roadstone.

Quarry’s got bigger.

And noisier.

John Miller (1931 - 2002) was renowned for his simple seascapes. Sandy ((the human) is an ardent fan, and tries to emulate some of them. this one - Seabirds

Part of the Miller technique was understatement.

Good couple of hours there. And now shopping, and the Satnav’s taking us a different way home.


To the caravan!

In a burrow …

Rabbit 1: They’re back – now for the plan.

Rabbit 2: You leave me out of this!

Rabbit 3: And me!

Rabbit 1: Where’s your sense of adventure?

Rabbit 3: I’m just pining for the fjords!

Rabbit 1: OK then, seeing as you won’t join me, I’m going topside.

Rabbit 1: That was CLOSE! That brown dog’s been going to the gym! She’s faster than last year.

Rabbit 2: Or you’re slower.

Rabbit 3: Comes of sitting in front of that screen all the time.

Rabbit 1: I could have done with more support up there.

Rabbit 3: You’ll have to come up with a better plan.

Rabbit 2: Hmmmm. Now what if we ….


They’re slower this year.

And you’re implying?

Me? Implying anything?



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  1. Same site as the Eclipse Camp?

    • No – Trelowarren closed down in 2004 – went posh with timeshares. We’re at Wheal Rodney – , have been coming here since 2005.

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