Posted by: John Colby | Monday July 25 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 05, Monday 25th July 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 05, Monday 25th July 2011

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Early start for them. Maybe away on time!

And now we’ve gone the wrong way. The Satnav was right but the roadsigns were misleading.

He’s found a place to turn round – neat! She didn’t believe that he’d do it!

And now move your bum! There’s only motorway to go.

Stopping. Food!


I recognise this – we’re getting there.

Carn Brea – that thing on the top.

Traffic queue – remember them as well.

Now out of it – nearly there.

And we’re here. Never been here this early.

Let’s surprise the rabbits!

You’re on!

So where were the rabbits?

You’ve been Social Engineering too well! Unless we’re too early for them and have surprised them.

That’s right, blame me! They’ll be back. I’ll just seed some more on Twitter – the sparrows just can’t keep quiet.

So what are you going to put?

Things about how him and her having the caravan has given us more places to relax – they’ll think that we’re becoming lazy.

But we’re not.


Putting up an awning is a bit like putting up the tent, but with more swearing. Now he says it’s got to come down.

Now she’s disagreeing. That’s putting it mildly.

Now they’re both semi-satisfied

So we’re off shopping.

And back – and supper, and bed.

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