Posted by: John Colby | Sunday July 24 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 04, Sunday 24th July 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 04, Sunday 24th July 2011

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Hey – we’re off!

And only a couple of hours late!

Wonder what they’ve forgotten?

Us, check – Caravan – check – Satnav – check – got all the essentials.

This is remarkably smooth – too smooth?

Maybe they’ve got it right for once.

Ok, now move yer bum! This is going to be a long one.

Why, are you turning into a Dacshund?

That’s the jokes module again, isn’t it?


Strensham – they’re talking about lunch – see what we can blag.

Hmm – bit of an oxymoron that – healthy eating and Macdonalds in the same sentence.

But it’s grilled chicken.

Lemme at it! Don’t care how many interrogations it’s been through!

And now Brent Knoll – cold drinks this time. This can’t be far from Tiverton.

But this is Taunton.

Sainsburys – go juice.

Why are we waiting – car in front – oh she’s coming back.

And furtling round in the boot – and going again. Can’t she see the queue?

Finally! Now we can get to the pump.

Ah Ha! Campsite. Ok how many attempts is he going to take to reverse the van this time?

Only two. Have you seen some people going at it for hours?

That was quick – up and running – now for a walk.

A canal – that one from home must stretch a long way.

That sign says it’s the Grand Western.

Couldn’t imagine travelling all this way on a canal boat though.

Grand Western Canal, Samford Peverell.

Anyway – onward!


One track mind.

And so have they – we’re going to the pub.

Prepare yourself for guiding them back.

That wasn’t as bad as it could have been – not very wobbly at all. And now supper and bed.

Humans have a use as pillows.

And in that burrow

Rabbit 1: … Thank you for that intelligence, Tiverton control – over and out.

Rabbit 2: Take it they’re on the way.

Rabbit1: Yes, right on schedule. Should be here tomorrow afternoon. So now to finalise the plan.

Rabbit 2: What plan?

Rabbit 1: Well, the three of us…

Rabbit 3: Leave me out of this!

Rabbit 2: And me. I remember what you got us into last year.

Rabbit 1: Well the plan is to lie low …

Rabbit 3: You’re making this up as you go along.

Rabbit 1: … lie low and let then think we’re not around, then spring a surprise.

Rabbit 2: What surprise?

Rabbit 1: Well …

Rabbit 3: The surprise is that we’re going to be surprised, not them.

Rabbit 2: Hmmmm. I think we should wait and see.

Rabbit 1: Where’s your sense of adventure?

Rabbit 2: Hiding behind my sense of self preservation.

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