Posted by: John Colby | Thursday July 21 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 01, Thursday 21st July 2011

Celtic Terrors Summer Holiday Dogblog 2011, 01, Thursday 21st July 2011




Wassup,Sandy? I was dreaming.

About rabbits?

How’d you know?

You’re SO predictable.

Just wondering if we’re going to see them again this year.

That’s what I woke you up for – look at this.

It’s the caravan! Do you think we’re going away?

Look at it like this – she’s been home – it’s that time of the year – she’s getting stuff out – what do you think?

Could be. But he’s not home.

Remember – she takes a couple of days to get ready. She’s been shopping this morning. He just keeps out of the way.

Sensible. But he doesn’t get all the fun.

Think he wants to miss this bit. Then he finishes off and we go away.

But last year we had a tent – which you sat on.

But have you seen the tent this year? And we went away in the caravan before. I bet we’re going …

Sea! Sand! Run! Rabbits!

One track mind!

So have you – Tennis Ball!

Where? Where? Oh, I see. Stop extracting the Michael!

Then you stop going on about Rabbits.

But at least I catch tennis balls.

But they aren’t lunch.

If we had to wait for you we’d both be very thin.

Let’s not go there, OK?

So let’s get down there. Let’s go sit in the van!

But they won’t allow us out!

We can try.

See, we’re being kept behind the gate.

What’re they doing with that wedge? Looks like one of her slices of bread when she cuts it.

Think it has something to do with the slope on the lawn.

He’s not doing all that badly.

Now what?

Legs down.

Except when I’m lying on my back

The caravan’s legs!


And now he’s levelling it up.

And she’s giving instructions.

And he’s ignoring them.

Why doesn’t she just let him do it? It gets done then.

Has she ever let him do that?

Not often. … Now what?

They’re packing up and coming in.


Stomach on legs!

Looks like that’s it for today.

Now where’s that tennis ball – he needs some exercise …

Next instalment



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