Posted by: John Colby | Wednesday June 22 2011

Celtic Terrors pre-Race For Life Dogblog 2011

Celtic Terrors pre-Race For Life Dogblog 2011

For those who don’t know us we’re Dogs’ Trust Rescue dogs, the Celtic Terrors. I’m Sandy, from Scotland …

Sandy - Dogs Trust Rescue

And I’m Kerry, from Ireland.

Kerry - Dogs Trust Rescue

I was just going to introduce you before you interrupted …

But they want to hear about what we’re going to say, not your long winded introductions.

Now who’s interrupting?

Are not!


Are … – hey, they’re getting fed up.

Well they would with all your interrupting!

Are not!

Are! Now let’s tell them.

Right – she’s doing Race for Life at Stoneleigh on 17th July. That’s her last year, on the far right …

Keep politics out of this, she doesn’t read the Daily Telegraph!

Dixie Chicks Race for Life, Loughborough 2010

…the far right OF THE PICTURE!


And she’s determined to beat her previous times.

She has been going to the gym.

And she’s recovered from last year’s foot operation.

She’s done it before for about ten years, but this year it’s a bit special. The charity that benefits …

Cancer Research UK.

I was going to tell them, stop interrupting!

Am not!

Don’t start that again. The charity that benefits, Cancer Research UK …

I’ve already said that!

I know, but it’s worth repeating. Cancer Research UK has already benefited him. He had a bit of a scare last month and a lot of tests …

And he had to sit on a soft cushion for a while.

… which was kind of fortunate for him as they discovered something small …

But non-agressive, praise be.

… which needs to be monitored. He’s being sensible …


… and doing what she tells him to …


… and thinking …

Even more unusually.

… about what his consultant recommended.

He’s had a lot of good to say about the medical team.

So what we’re asking is that you support her …

And indirectly him and all the other people …

By visiting her “just giving” site

She did that one herself, you know.

… yes, I know …

But them out there didn’t until we told them.

… and sponsoring her for just a little. And if they pay tax …

Are they little nails?

… (ignoring that) … to include Gift Aid as then the money they give is increased.

Proving they can run - Hayle Bay 2010

Are we allowed on this Race for Life? We can run!

We’re not – I wouldn’t like the crowds. They get thousands of people there.

Point taken. And who’d sponsor us, anyway? We want everyone to sponsor her.

Better give the link to her page again …

‘cos it’s loads of people giving what they can that makes the difference.

I can’t let you have the last word.

Yes you can – Woof!



  1. Thank you, Chris – not an hour after setting this up we have a substantial donation.

  2. Good luck! And very glad to hear that you’re feeling better after your scare. Run like the wind xx

  3. Thanks to Gary, Margaret (with Alfie anfd Dylan) and Peter.

  4. More thanks, this time to Vijay, John and William

  5. Thanks now to Alan and Mike – the total is now 101% of target, but please keep it coming.

  6. So….I’m dying to know, did she make it to the end? Did Sandy have to chase her all the way??

    • It’s not for a fortnight yet! – 17th July

  7. Oh, whoops! It was here on Sunday, hence why I got confused – I certainly hope she’s NOT running constantly till then 🙂

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