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Celtic Terrors Holiday Dogblog 2010

Celtic Terrors Holiday Dogblog 2010

Canine Liveblogging from the Celtic Fringe (final update 14th August 2010)

Saturday 24th July 2010

We are starting this blog tinged with sadness that our Fellowship is one less …

Fewer …

Kerry, does it matter?

Of course it does. We have to prove that we’re very erudite dogs.

We are starting this blog tinged with sadness that our Fellowship is one fewer as Max, with whom we invested into the Fellowship last year, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Sandy, does it really exist?

Of course it does – it’s where dogs wait for their owners. It’s kind of important.

Yes, suppose it is.

But he’s left us a legacy of knowing precisely when to come looking for treats.

Yes, they always gave us some when they came in, thanks to his lead.

And we’re celebrating his memory by continuing.

Of course – and knowing when it was suppertime.

And going on walks.

And looking soulful.

And … but there’s loads.

So had we better get on with this year’s blog?

Suppose so. Miss him, though.

You and me both.

They do as well.

Of course they do.

Dogs in the sea at Long Rock

Dogs in the sea at Long Rock - the car has been damp proofed.

So anyway – this year we’re going back to the same place.

I miss the rabbits

You always do – you’ve never caught one yet.

One day …

You said that last year … and the year before … and the …

OK, OK! Don’t rub it in!

Just telling the truth.

Anyway, you only chase tennis balls.

But I do catch them!

Anyway, she’s been at home for two days packing …

You’re changing the subject!

… which would have been quicker had she not had to spend time with you under her desk because of the thunder.

I don’t like thunder.

We can tell.

Anyway she got most things packed then waited for him to do his stuff and …

Now who’s changing the subject, Sandy?

… take us to the Celtic Fringe …

The Celtic Fridge?

FRINGE – the far West, where the true inhabitants of Britain survived invasion after invasion. The lands of Hibernia, Cambria, Dumnonia …

She’s renewed her Poetic License again!

… and Alba …

Why don’t you just say Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and Scotland?

… remained free from the yoke …

Now she’s on about eggs.

… of the Roman, the Saxon, the Viking and the Norman …

Old Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all! Old Uncle …

You aren’t taking this seriously, are you?

Not when you’re pretending to be learned!

I am!

Like when?

When I read you things over her shoulder.

OK, there is that, but if all this is an explanation of why we’re the Celtic Terrors …

And Max is still …

… then it’s a long way of going about it.

It makes for interesting reading.

Says who?

The people who read this blog.

I’ll make one comment.

What’s that?


Sunday 25th July 2010

I didn’t finish yesterday. We’re the Celtic Terrors because I’m from Scotland and Kerry’s from Ireland …

And Max was Welsh.

And we go to Cornwall every year.

Which is where we’re preparing to go now.

Well, we’re prepared.

But they aren’t.

They never are.

Do you think we’ll get away on time this year?

Never have before.

Why don’t you just copy and paste from last year – we said the same thing then?

What do you think I’m doing?

Pawsing for thought?

Don’t forget I have the free jokes module with my Poetic License Renewal.

But I paid for mine, it’s much better.

And because I introduced Max as a client last year I get to try the Beta version of the Sonnet Generator.

Don’t tell me – as it’s a beta it only does thirteen lines!

Something like that, yes.

It’s worth precisely what you paid for it!

But it was free!

As was the jokes module and that’s awful – just a load of stuff that Eric and Ernie threw away.

You’re only jealous because I have normal text and you only have italics.



Waiting ...

So now they’re getting the trailer loaded.

But he had to go out and get another electrical thingie – hey – just realised you’ve changed the subject!

Slow today, aren’t we!


And surprise, it’s all gone in. And now there’s stuff going in the back of the car.

And the seat covers are on.

To save you from depositing sand all over …

And you.

And our seatbelts.

Subject change!

Now let’s try to blag some of their supper.

Another change.

Come on, or I’ll get it all.

They don’t let you. They want you at the right weight.

What’s their right weight for me is not MY right weight for me!

The car does not have upgraded springs, you know.


Did you know that five months today is Christmas Day?

Yes, but I didn’t need reminding!

He says when he tells them things like that at work they tell him to “something off”.

Not surprised!

Monday 26th July 2010

So it’s up early, pack the last of it and off.

We’re running a book this year on what they’ve forgotten.

As long as it isn’t the dog food.

Stomach on legs!

You’d be the same if you’ve been where I’ve been!

True. That why you always try to nick mine?

Just helping them clean up by clearing the leftovers.

Have they ever let you get hungry?

Peckish, yes.

Hungry? Really hungry?

No – give them that.

Right then.

Damp but happy Kerry - looking for the next thing she can get in to!

I’m in.

I’m in.

I’m driving.

Get in the back!

That’s what they’re saying as well.

Move over, Kerry!

I just want to see!

The rain?



M5 – stop at Michaelwood for lunch. Taunton for the necessary then A30 to Hayle.

Then on a bit, through some lanes and we’re there.

In the dry – not too hot. We’re supervising.

That means we’re lying down on the grass watching so we can tell them when they’ve got it wrong.

That was quick. Well, quicker than normal, anyway.


Beach! Run!

Feels like we’ve never been away.


Blag some chicken.

Not chicken – it’s KFC.

Tuesday 27th July 2010

Field! Walk! Rabbits!

They’re quite safe!

I nearly caught that dark coloured duck!

That was a blackbird.

At the tent for the morning – they’re organising.

Always a first time!


Visit the Pirates and go shopping.

Then tried to go west, but heavy fog and wet drizzle.

So back towards the tent

Then onto the beach!

Tennis Ball!

That all you think about?

But at least I catch them.

Looks like we’ve found a friend.

Found a friend - a little Russel who could run as fast as our pair

Wednesday 28th July 2010

Where are we now?

Sennen Cove, I heard them say. Lifeboat station then coffee, then down to the end to see something different

Oh, it’s one of them, what he keeps threatening her with. A Stannah something.

But this one’s outside.

Looks like it’s the only way up to that place.

What is probably the most southerly set of track in the British Mainland that still functions.


We’re back on track with chapels, then.

Looks like it – driving round looking for likely sites then getting out and walking.

Where are we now?

Nanquidno. Reckon we’ll find what she’s looking for?

Dunno, but we’re with them, and it’s fun just doing this in different places.

Converted chapel at Nanquidno, very much altered. The only clue to its origin is that its called Wesley Cottages.


St Just! Sausage Rolls!

And she accuses me of only thinking with my stomach!

Well, you do!

Off to Carn Gloose for an hour or more.

Later still

Long Rock! Tennis Balls!

Plenty of dogs here today. I’m off!

You don’t smell that bad.

What are you doing?

Confusing her with the tennis ball.

Not difficult.

But she likes the game.

Late evening

Zzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzz zz zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz z zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday 29th July 2010

Being fierce with a defenseless rope

Strange light in the sky. Where did they say we’re going today?

The Lizard. Chapels again. Some place called Cadgwith.

Nothing there then. Not such a good cheese shop.

They call them coffee shops, and not all of them serve us cheese. We need to go to St Just for that.

And off to more chapels, but we’d already done those we found.

A calm sea and a ...

And lunch. Place called Pralla they said. He’s a softer touch than she is so we’ll blag his first.

Then off to more chapels. Hey, a big blue one.

A surprisingly early date for the building. Now converted into apartments.

You’re not supposed to be able to tell, we dogs have monochromatic vision.

Then off to Carn Brea – plenty of rocks.

No rabbits.

No, they heard you were coming.

Friday 30th July 2010

The rain’s back. Only light, but still wet.

What else would you expect? Dry rain?

Can you please be serious for once?

Just winding you up.

They’ve got this meeting today, at a pub in Porthleven.

Good place to have a meeting, I suppose. But first, a chapel. Balwest.

Hey, it’s later than I thought, nearly half past six.

What are you talking about?

The digital clock on the chapel up there.

What digital clock? That’s the date, not the time.

Balwest Chapel date - quite early

Oh. Are we going to blag some of their lunch?

Changing the subject – of course. Pastrami today, or so the sample we got given earlier tasted like.

That sign further up in the town – did you see it.

Probably has been going to be taken down dreckly since January!

Wonder if it was late for last year or early for this? Maybe my joke on Sumday wasn’t too far off.

For a change!


Then onto this meeting. Maybe interesting to them but on us falls a bit flat. It’s about an ology or two. Maybe that’s why it’s at the pub. Pubs and ologies go together. At least, that’s what they say.

Sounds like one of your excuses.

Then off to food shop and Long Rock. Saw this kite surfer, whatever that is.

Looks like a bloke standing up on the sea holding onto a bit of string. And then travelling.

Kite Surfer - quite a good one.

Can’t see the point, no smells to sniff at.

Or things to roll in.

You haven’t?

I have.

Let’s see when they notice.

Saturday 31st July 2010

Where’s he going?

The fridge is bust – got to get another.

Where from?


So a long wait then.


He’s back sooner than she expected.

Internet reservation didn’t work out when they didn’t deliver the stock, so got alternative. Now we’re off.

St Buryan Show.

Plenty here.

Fowler roller - St Buryan Show

Boy racer 1937. Under the bonnet of an Austin Seven - the horn is nearly as big as the enging block.

And a dog show. Does that mean what I think it means?

Probably. Preen and ponce about.

We don’t ponce about – we’re crossbreeds.

Let’s see how it goes

I have an announcement to make. As lead canine of the Celtic Terrors it is my pleaseure and duty to announce that Kerry my partner in crime partner has taken third place in the Best Rescue Class of the St Buryan Show. In doing this she continues the proud tradition that Max started last year. As a token of our appreciation she has been awarded extra treats, which I will feel honour bound to share.

Shucks, thanks, Sandy.

Kerry the Champ posing at Chapel Carn Brea

The picture of Kerry is taken at the most south westerly hill in England, Chapel Carn Brea.

Sunday 1st August 2010

If this is drizzle then …

Cornish drizzle – looks and feels like rain. Maybe it’ll let up.

What’s this special duty tonight?

It’s Sunday – so it’s off down the pub for a meal.

So then we have to guide them back?

You’ve got it in one.

But for now, a touch of the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

Zzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz.


So off to the west – and a walk! Been cooped up for the morning but would have got very wet out.

Carn Gloose – can’t see a thing – but we’re out with them.

Is he taking photos? No – can’t see the point. Can’t see much at all.

So onto Long Rock. Tide well out.


Tennis Ball!




Why’s he excited?

Some cloud over the mount.

Adiabetic cooling and condensation over St Michael's Mount, 1st August 2010. Taken from pub window, which may explain fuzziness.

So all we’ve got to do is guide them back to the tent. Should be easy.

Don’t you believe it.

Much later

Didn’t think it would need that much concentration.

I think they call it Rattler. That’s the stuff they have in the glasses.

So why does it make their legs not work?

Monday 2nd August 2010

Can you do this one, Kerry. I’m knackered with a capital N.

OK Sandy, but check the spelling – oh, that was part of your Poetic License free jokes module, wasn’t it?


So stop it! NOW!

Heh, heh!

So today we went to Gwithian on the north coast – a thatched chapel that we’d seen before. Think we went to see if it was still there.

Or just to see any alterations. Oh, that was part of your allegedly superior jokes module, wasn’t it?

Newlyn crabber setting pots

Yes, now stop interrupting. Then back to Hayle – they took us for a walk along the Jubilee Gardens on the side of Copperhouse Pool. Quite nice, if a little warm. They got excited about some scoria blocks as a wall. Then back to Hayle, a couple of chapels, then off to lunch. Drove round for a bit – he got lost, blamed her navigation, tried to find a pub where we could sit outside off the road, failed, so ended up at Carn Gloose with sausage rolls.

Her stomach again!

Didn’t notice you holding back! Then it was down to Newlyn for some coastal exploration and Sandy’s trick with the water …

They didn’t let me!

… then off to Long Rock for miles of sand. In and out of the water. Great. Then back for supper and bed.

Good day.

Industrial heritage exposed by erosion - at the Penlee Quarry loading site with 2ft gauge tramway.

Victorian villa developments at Penzance Wherry Town

Water is no fun at all unless it moves - and they're not making it move for me so I'm trying myself, but with notable lack of success!

Posing as usual

Tuesday 3rd August 2010

Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day …

Preferably in two weeks or more.

Still, relaxing morning. Up to the field, breakfast, back to bed for a couple of hours while they do research, rain stops, then off to Helston and St Anthony-in-Meneage. She’s found another chapel she hasn’t seen and we’re off to try and find it.

Why are we going to Helston?

He says pens and surgical spirit – they’ve got to redo some of their maps.

Why can’t they use their noses like us?

Dunno, would make more sense. Anyway, off to St Anthony in thingie. She’s navigating.

And he’s saying we’re lost. She must have forgotten to tell him the right turning.

Off again and Oops! That was a sharp one. She’s forgotten to tell him again.

That sign said St Anthony – must be here.

St Anthony-in-Meneage - very pretty - a long way from towns, though

Can’t find the chapel – been right through the village.

And back again. Looks like that this one has never been or is the figment of someone’s imagination. She’s found some like that, you know.

Yes, I’ve been here when she’s not found them. Still, run along the beach and back. Different smells.

It’s a creek.

I know you’re older than me but you’re not creaking yet.

I know – a creek is … just a minute, was that your jokes module at work?

Yep! It’s better than yours. I paid for mine!

And so it’s back to Sainsburys at Helston …

Changing the subject.

… and onto Long Rock, having dropped the shopping at the tent.

He’d better not have dropped it, there are bottles!

Figuratively. Now at Long Rock it’s wait for the train at the level crossing and …


Sandy and tennis balls - inseparable!

Tennis Ball

Run! …

Wednesday 4th August 2010

Rain, rain, go away, come again …

We did that yesterday and it didn’t work until lunchtime.

From what they’re saying the weather forecast is about the same as yesterday.

So a bit more catching up on sleep.

As far as I can calculate you’re on 15th May 2015 with your catching up.

Cheek! Don’t exaggerate. It’s the 3rd. You’re not doing so badly yourself.

Need the sleep! Very hard teaching him to throw the ball!


It is – needs concentration and application.

All you do is drop the ball at his feet and he throws it for you

Do you have any idea how much effort that took?

Knowing him, about three minutes.

Two, actually. But it was all in the detailed planning!

As I said earlier, huh!

All that remains of Roscroggan Free United Methodist Chapel ...

... and a dedication that tells its own story.

But today we went to Hayle to Foundry Square to see a converted one that had been damaged by fire, then other chapels, including one that had been demolished and then …

So changing the subject!

… up to Carn Brea in the wind, then back to camp. Then up to the field, then supper, then up to the field …

No wonder you’re tired!

… then back to the tent and blag their supper.

No change there then.

For you, no.

Nor for you.

Good, isn’t it?

Thursday 5th August 2010

In a burrow quite close

Rabbit 1: Right, got the link. I’m now into their blog.

Rabbit 2: So what are we going to do?

Rabbit 3: It’s the golden one, the one he calls Kerry, who thinks she has a chance of catching us.

Rabbit 1: Look, we’ve been laying trails, posting decoys, scenting old borrows. Is there something more we can do?

Rabbit 2: If we post someone outside who’s very fast so that they’re seen we can lead her on.

Rabbit 3: Good idea. Must be far enough away so that there’s no chance of getting caught.

Rabbit 2: All we need to do is pose then nip down the nearest entrance.

Rabbit 1: You’d have to make sure it’s secure. And with backup.

Rabbit 3: What about the other one, the one he calls Sandy?

Rabbit 1: She thinks she’s too dignified to chase us – we’re not bright yellow and tennis ball shaped.

Rabbit 3: So where are we going to do this?

Rabbit 2: Top of the earth pile. We’ll be seen there. And then nip down the back burrow before there’s any danger whatsoever.

Rabbit 1: Sounds like a plan.

Rabbit 2: So who’s going to go topside? … Why are you looking at me like that?

Rabbit 3: Remember the rule, them as makes the suggestion gets the job? And you said it was …

Rabbit 2: But I …

Rabbit 3: Good job we blogged this for the evidence then.

Rabbit 1: So off you go, Brighteyes …

Rabbit 2: All right – but cut the Watership Down references!

Rabbit 1 & Rabbit 3: …burning with fire …


Have you seen what they’ve done!

They’re right about the dignified bit.


Just because they’ve got you sussed. Heh, heh!

You can mock! One day!

You’ve been saying that for four years!

How do you think they got in? It’s not ….

It could be …

You mean they’ve hacked WiFiDo?

Better get the passwords changed.

What did you set it as?

The usual one to prevent humans getting in.

You mean “Woof” ?

Yes, have to think of something else.

Let me, They’ll never think of that.

What have you put, “R4bbit” ?

You guessed. Got anything better?

Something they’d think we’d never use? Look over my shoulder.

C – 4 – t – s … Hey come on you can’t use swearwords as passwords!

Can – they’d never guess. Tell you what – don’t play their game – when we’re out if you see them just ignore them.

Hey, that’s verging on brilliant. Going to be hard, though.

Just go on as normal but don’t react. That’ll confuse them.

Right. Ok, back to our blog.

First it’s into the v*t to get your eye sorted.

Nothing serious, just conjunctivitis.

Hey, you spelt that correctly first time.

Some chapel conversions retain the character of the original - this one at West Tolgus has an apartment for sale.

Then off to chapels. She’s discovering more. Then Tehidy park – lunch …

Stomach on legs again.

… didn’t notice you failing to step forward. A walk through the woods then more chapels.

However some original builds use material to hand. This is the apparent extension to Illogan Methodist Church. The rubble infill includes use of bits of brick.

Then we got lost. Ended up at a place where she came out with a book.

And you call that unusual?

But some are going into a state of disrepair. At Carharrack it looks like the former Sunday School next door is not the chapel, as the original building of 1815 is in decay, with unrepaired downpipes and loads of damp. If this is up for sale for conversion then we're not interested.

Then more chapels, Sainsburys, tent to drop her off, then he took us to Long Rock. Not many dogs there tonight.


You’re looking pensive.

Thinking of a way to confuse those rabbits. Just need to try a little experiment and see if a hunch comes up.

What are you going to do, hack into them?

Something like that.

See how it works.

Friday 6th August 2010

Got it! Their password system isn’t secure.

Knew you could crack it. What’d you do?

Looked for their network. Found it under

What’s that mean?

Latin for a bit of their species name – like we’re canines.

And you knew that?

No, looked it up with Woofgle.

Clever. So how did you find their password?

Guessed. It was “lettuce”.

Pretty obvious. So what do we do now?

Absolutely nothing. Keep ignoring them. Then they’ll get confused.

Going to leave a message?

No, then they’ll know we’re onto them. Let them think we’re stupid.

They already think that.

But I have a cunning plan.

Cut the Blackadder references. Better get back to the blog proper.

OK, so today it started damp …

But the ground hasn’t gone ‘squelch, squelch’ this year.

YET! There’s always time. Anyway, we went into Penzance. She’d remembered a second hand book shop …

… and he was worried about the bank balance and where we were going to put them when we get home … he does.

So we took them through the Farmer’s Market. No luck, though, there weren’t letting us sample anything.

The Egyptian House in Penzance, where verticals aren't. It thrown an 'interesting' perspective,

So then she went to a bookshop or two, then shopping for a new fleece – YET another one, he said – and he went to perform a very important task…


… to get us lunch.

Then it was off to Chapel Carn Brea for lunch, then a long run up to the top …

And back!

… and back, which goes without saying, otherwise we wouldn’t be here doing this blog.

Then into St Just, to the cheese shop, the one they call a coffee shop, but no cheese today.

Then back so that Kerry could check on the rabbits. Which she did. At top speed.

Saturday 7th August 2010

No rabbits in evidence this morning.

So now off to find more chapels.

Not many in evidence that she hasn’t already recorded. Finding new ways round Cornwall.

To prove that summer does exist - Cape Cornwall

So lunch at Carn Gloose.

Sausage rolls!

Then they’re off to take some photographs. Take it in turns to hold us.

Kerry at Carn Gloose

Sandy at Carn Gloose

Why can’t they let us off?

Cliffs, steep drops, mineshafts …

I’d be careful!

They don’t want to take the risk. And if you did fall there’d be Coastguard, the lifeboat and the v*t, lots of people involved, loads of inconvenience for the people they’d have to call and a lot of heartache for him and her.

Onshore seas and waves at Cape Cornwaall - bit much for swimming.

OK – but I want him to come back soon. He’s been gone for ages and …

It’s only ten of their minutes at most.

Anyway he’s back. Now where?

I heard mention of C.C.B.

Chapel Carn Brea?

Shhhh! Done let them know we can spell!

Good view up here. And rabbits!

You’ll not catch these, either.

So where next?

Mousehole. Another chapel to find.

And Ice Cream! Any for us?

Of course.

So she found the chapel. And then we found Duck Street, but no ducks. Then she found something she didn’t expect, a door saying “The Old Meeting House”. Then we went for a walk round the town – and there WERE c*ts – probably to look for the mice.


We’re in Mousehole.

Intriguing. The Old Meeting House. But no Quaker presence is documented in Mousehole.

In the burrow

Rabbit 2: That was pretty close!

Rabbit 3: Too close! Didn’t think that golden one could have such a turn of speed for one who eats so much!

Rabbit 2: Do you think they’re onto us?

Rabbit 1: They have changed the password. May be.

Rabbit 3: Anything else to say that they know?

Rabbit 1: Not that I can find.

Rabbit 2: Well, I’m not being decoy again!

Rabbit 3: Nor me!

Rabbit 1: Not worth the risk. See what else I can turn up.

In the tent

Good turn of speed you showed there, Kerry.

Nearly! I think they’ll be more careful in future.

I’m looking at their network – you scared them.

Lemme see … hey – that’s an insult – eats so much indeed!

If the cap fits …

Sunday 8th August 2010

So up with the lark – but the rabbits weren’t. Nothing doing when we went for our walk.

Maybe we surprised them with our presence.

Anyway, up to the field, breakfast, then back to bed, then out.

Men an Tol - with a backdrop of Ding Dong Mine pumping engine house .

And then he got lost and took the long way round. Eventually got to Men an Tol …

Stone with the hole.

I know what it means.

Just showing you I could remember what you told me years ago.

… where we looked for rabbits and they looked at the stone with a hole …

Sandy posing amongst the heather at Men an Tol.

Kerry, a rare still life - at Men an Tol having investigated every blade of grass on the site.

… Then it was to Carn Gloose for a late lunch …

Sausage Rolls!

… then back to the tent …

To see the rabbits.

… to take our ease before the evening duties …

They’re going to be on the Rattler again.

… of providing responsible pathfinder services to our humans on the way back from the pub.

As I said, they’re going to be on the Rattler again.

St Michaels Mount from the pub window. We were told that earlier in the day seals were hauling out on the beach below.

Nice evening, though. They told us that the view was superb.

It usually is.

Monday 9th August 2010

It’s a bit damp.

What’s Mizzle? – says it on the camp notice board.

Mist and Drizzle. Just what we’ve got. He says that he’s  have problem taking pics as we’re mopping up chapels today.

It’s not that wet.

No, mopping up in a figurative sense. Completing their survey – Redruth and Camborne.

So we sit in the back and scrounge treats?

Something like that.


That’s five this morning. Now they’ve found a new place to take us for a walk and lunch.

Sausage Rolls!


Now off on the last bit, then a few more, then the supermarket, then a couple more in Helston, then back to the tent and up to the field.

Where you’ll fail to catch any rabbits.

One day.

You say that every time.

Tuesday 10th August 2010

If this is supposed to be light rain, which is what the weather forecast says it should be, then I don’t want to see heavy rain.

But we’re off to Sennen Market anyway. Kerry again failed to catch lunch, which means we’ll have to rely on blagging theirs again.

Have they ever let us down?

Never. However the drive to Sennen – bit of a challenge on the visibility stakes – all lights on on the car. Then as the market was indoors we were left in the car while they went shopping. Came out with an armful of goodies.

The newly refurboshed mill at Zennor.

The business end of the mill - grain feed.

Then it was off to Geevor, then the Wayside Museum at Zennor to see the newly refurbished water mill. He’s into that sort of thing. Then lunch …

Stomach on legs!

… You didn’t do so badly yourself … then back to the Sennen area. Why did we stop beside that pile of brambles?

That was, apparently, a chapel. Or the remains of.

So that’s why they got so excited.

There was a chapel in there somewhere - out of use about 1900. Escalls Bible Christian.

Yes, and then Chapel Carn Brea for a good run. Then shopping and back to the tent. Rabbit hopefulness for Kerry …


Then dinner. Chicken and steak tonight.

So not a bad day, really.

Wednesday 11th August 2010

Hey – no rain!

Shhh – it’ll hear you. Plenty of rabbits, though.

Caught any?

Next year.

You always say that!

In the burrow

Rabbit 2: They’re already planning to be here next year.

Rabbit 1: No surprise – they were here last year, and the year before that.

Rabbit2: So Plan B.

Rabbit 3: What is Plan B?

Rabbit 2: Thought you’d worked that out.

Rabbit 1: No – we’d all gone along with what you were doing.

Rabbit 2: Only because I was the one making the suggestions.

Rabbit 1: But they seemed so good.

Rabbit 3: But the golden one is faster than we thought.

Rabbit 2: And she now knows where ALL our escape routes are.

Rabbit 1: So what do we do?

Rabbit 3: Sit tight waiting for them to go?

Rabbit 2: Or …

Rabbit 1: Or …

Rabbit 3: Why are you singing the theme to The Italian Job?

Rabbit 1: Hang on guys, I’ve got an idea …

You’ve been hacking again.

Yeah – they still haven’t changed the password. See what they’re getting up to later.

So off to Porth Kidney. Hopefully there’s some steak with it.

But have you seen this thing from petethevet?

Who’s petethevet?

He’s from Ireland …

So I might know him?

Faint, very faint possibility – anyway he’s written in his blog on the Telegraph website

There’s posh!

… about dog training – and how kindness is better than force. Some of the things that some people do is not nice. And he’s in favour of the better approach.

Just like we have with them.

That’s it.

And Dogs Trust support how they’ve done it to us.

That’s it – we’re part of their family, not just pets. We have limits – and we know them.

So we’re here – down to the beach. Hey, I remember this – miles and miles and miles of soft sand.

Sun, sea, sand - inspired by John Miller (1931-2002)







Caught you.

Only ‘cos I let you.


She said leave it alone. And the seaweed.


Soft! Warm!



Wave hub installation. There have been a few hiccups getting the cable ashore.

Back to the car.

Cheese shop!

Coffee and cake for them. See how much we can blag.

And you’ve been calling me a stomach on legs!

We must stick together!

Into Penzance for a new collar for me. Hey! Black AND gold.

It’s going to her head!

Then back to the site, then off to the pub to meet someone.

And guide them back

Very necessary this time.

Good day!

Zzzzzzz zzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday 12th August 2010

So the last day – and only a limited time left to catch the rabbits.

One day.

You said that last year, and the year before and the …

All right, all right, don’t go on!

Not doing much better with the seagulls, either.

Well, they can fly, and I can’t.

So today it was into Penzance.

To get you a new collar. Have to admit that yours was looking decidedly tatty.

So now we match in the fashion stakes. Actually it’s quite soft. You noticed you had the old one on.

So then off chapel hunting again. Heamoor and Sennen. This time she found the one she was looking for.

The elusive formewr Quaker Meeting House in Sennen. Once we had found someone who knew where it was it was straightforward.

Then off to St Just for lunch …

Sausage Rolls!

.. and back to Carn Euny, the Iron Age/Roman British Village.

Carn Euny Village - occupied for about 900 years from 500BC.

Where he went to sleep …

And she took photographs. Then shopping, tent, and food. Then sleep.

On guard.

They’re packing what they can.

And I’ve been doing a little more hacking. Don’t think we’ll have a problem.

Kerry getting asked for attention.

Sandy posing with her new collar.

In the burrow.

Rabbit 1: So I’ve been searching and found this place where the grass is long and green and we can get there by hitching a lift tomorrow. We’ll just sneak into their trailer when they aren’t looking and we’ll be there in no time. Far better than the guys in Watership Down, we have technology to help us.

Rabbit 2: How did you find it?

Rabbit 1: The new Google for Bunnies, Bunny Google. Or Bungle for short.

Rabbit 3: So what did you find?

Rabbit 1: A geolocated photo. Green, green grass. The pic is a few years old, but there’s no reason to believe that it isn’t still like that.

Rabbit 2: So where is it?

Rabbit 1: Miles and miles away. I’m just finding it again.

Rabbit 3: I’m getting an odd feeling about this.

Rabbit 1: Here it is, just coming up.

Rabbit 2: Hmmm, don’t you notice something in the background.

Rabbit 3: And it’s not the fence.

Rabbit 2: Have you REALLY looked at this picture?

Rabbit 3: ALL of it?

Rabbit 1: Ah, now you come to mention it there is something familiar. There’s two dogs that look familiar …

Rabbit 2: And you didn’t wonder why the search engine was called Bungle?


Fooling the rabbits.

Nice one. How did you fool them into falling for the Bunny Google?

Planted some Social Media hacks – you know, a link to a lettuce and a few carrots.

You’re quite good, you know.

You ain’t so bad yourself.

Friday 13th August 2010

Up early!

Have to travel today.

So they’ve taken us to say our farewells …

And you still haven’t caught any!

… to the …HEY! I heard that!



Then they put us in the car while they packed up. I could have helped …

But they wanted to get away on time.

Huh! But they nearly forgot the octopus!

Cadgwith the Octopus looking annoyed that we've nearly forgotten him - discovered when taking the tent down.

So anyway, on the road before lunch. Country lanes to St Erth, A30 to Camborne, where he stopped for more bungees, then lunch shopping. Then on the road again, then signs telling of a blockage on the A30.

Then the A38, over the Tamar Bridge. He saw that being built, you know.

The road bridge, I take it, not the rail bridge.

Then nearly past his old home, then Exeter, then the M5.

And nearly at Taunton when the M5 got tediously slow, so off along the A38 again, which also got tediously slow, so off to find the back lanes, which weren’t as bad.

So back onto the M5 north of Bristol.

And home. No rabbits in the back garden, though, although the grass is just about as long again.

Saturday 14th August 2010

Rained overnight. Trailer cover not as waterproof as it once was so we’re trying to find somewhere dry in the house to lie down whilst things steam and drip around us.

And then they’re off shopping – and left us for the first time in three weeks. Food supplies running low.

In a burrow far, far away.

Rabbit 2: They’ve gone!

Rabbit 1: For this year.

Rabbit 3: It was fun while it lasted.

Rabbit 1: They’re coming back, though.

Rabbit 3: How do you know?

Rabbit 1: They’ve already started their blog.

Rabbit 2: Time for you to get Burrownet installed properly so you can really see what they’re up to.

Rabbit 3: And no more Bungle!

Hmm, interesting – wonder what their little minds will get up to next.

We’ll have to wait and see. They’ve already booked for next year, you know.

Going to miss Long Rock, and Chapel Carn Brea, and the pub.

And Porth Kidney, and Tehidy, and …

We could go on like this.

You usually do.

Friday 30th July 2010
The rain’s back. Only light, but still wet.
What else would you expect? Dry rain?
Can you please be serious for once?
Just winding you up.
They’ve got this meeting today, at a pub in Porthleven.
Good place to have a meeting, I suppose. But first, a chapel. Balwest.
Hey, it’s later than I thought, nearly half past six.
What are you talking about?
The digital clock on the chapel up there.
What digital clock? That’s the date, not the time.
Oh. Are we going to blag some of their lunch?
Changing the subject – of course. Pastrami today, or so the sample we got given tasted like.
Then onto this meeting. Maybe interesting to them but on us falls a bit flat. It’s about an ology or two. Maybe that’s why it’s at the pub. Pubs and ologies go together. At least, that’s what they say.
Sounds like one of your excuses.
Then off to food shop and Long Rock. Saw this kite surfer, whatever that is.
Looks like a bloke standing up on the sea holding onto a bit of string. And then travelling.
Can’t see the point, no smells to sniff at.
Or things to roll in.
You haven’t?
I have.
Let’s see when they notice.



  1. Dear Celtic Terrors (well I don’t want to write a dear John!),
    Glad to see that you are down in Cornwall again, hope the weather is OK for your romping. Your blog is a breath of fresh air as I struggle with the financial year end/preparations for clearing/screaming in terror at the stupidity of bringing in the new student record system in such a ridiculously tight timescale etc.
    Tell John that pasties are an essential pre-walk carb-loading snack.
    Have fun

  2. All thoroughly envious of your hols – sounds as though you’re having great fun, and keeping up Max’s good work re treats etc.

    I took Ben to Sennen Cove years ago – he loved it.

    Lots of wags Margaret, Alfie and Dylan xxx
    PS Didn’t realise Max was Welsh – so’s Mum!

  3. Hi Guys, you sound as if you are having a fabby time, lots of new places and running and running and running on the beach….. dog paradise! Mum and I are going to Plymouth in September so looking forward to exploring new places. Congrats Kerry on your win and I’m sure Max was keeping you right on what to do. Sending lots of woofs & wags, Meesha moo xxxxxxx Enjoy the rest of the hol xxxxxxxx

  4. […] Celtic Terrors Holiday Dogblog 2008 2010 blog here […]

  5. Plenty of Chapels, comment that digital clock/date of 1829 is early, Wesley was here twixt 1750 & 1780…

    Irony is it was the Chapel Bible teachings that was only in English, that helped in the loss of the Cornish Language.

    • 1829 is in the early phase for Wesleyan Chapels of this type of grand design. In Wesley’s time they were much simpler affairs. There seems to ahve been some sort of division in Methodism in the mid-nineteenth century. Sandy’s researching this.

  6. Re the chaps travelling holding bits of string – you want to watch out for them, Alfie nearly got run over by one at Pendine Sands! Just as well Dylan wasn’t there, as he would have been joining in, and being so small would probably have taken off. Enjoy the Cornish dew! xx

  7. You are bringing back many childhood memories of holidays each summer in Cornwall. Have you tried the walks to all the standing stones and burial chambers? The celtic terrors would love those.
    Can’t wait for it to be our turn, in 3 weeks we’ll be in Devon.
    Good luck with the weather, wettest July on record I gather.

    • Quote Dora ‘Good luck with the weather, wettest July on record I gather.’,
      which followed on from the driest June in 80+ years. Prior to that, wet…

  8. […] Terrors Holiday DogBlog 2009 2010 blog here 2008 blog […]

  9. Happy memories of Carn Brea for me too – visited there with Alfie’s predecessor, Ben (another Springer). Also visited Goonhilly Down, the name somehow seemed to suit the dog….

    Good luck with those pesky rabbits – there’s nothing like a singing rabbit to annoy a dog, just be dignified, and out-sing them with Run rabbit run – it drives them nuts!

  10. Quote ‘..Intriguing. The Old Meeting House. But no Quaker presence is documented in Mousehole.’.

    You may need to expand the non-comformist areas of search beyond Quakers, although of course it all started in a tent situated on an old Quaker burial ground on Mile End waste in Whitechapel. This wason 2 July, 1865, and to the poor and wretched of London’s East End, Booth brought the good news of Jesus Christ and his love for all men.

    Yes, initially the ‘The Christian Mission’, eventually the ‘Salvation Army’ – this was the Mousehole ‘Meeting House’ of the ‘Salvation Army’.

    You only have to ask, for the local knowledge, to gain it, youhave my number, I’m in the village…….

    Sandy, another one.

    • So far this trip we have found another 40 or so sites other than those originally documented. Our trip to Mousehole was spur of the moment after we had diverted from the search for the Sennen Quaker premises as we met someone walking her dog on top of Chapel Carn Brea who used to live there and now belongs to her friend.

      We have the chapel at the top of Duck Street – must admit that for some of them it’s a bit like trainspotting, photographing and then placing with Google Earth.

      Thanks for the Salvation Army reference – it make sense.

      We’re getting the view that a lot of nonconformist places were on ‘unwanted bits of ground’ – for example chapels at Cockwells, Tredavoe, the Quaker Burial site, the chapel on the Lizard at Mount Carlees. Each of these siite, and more, were corners of fields, junctions of roads, not much use for growing crops in any quantity. At the moment we’re desperately trying to consolidate the few remaining unvisited ones in Redruth and Camborne.

  11. PS – Did you find the other Chapel and the Sunday School next door, top o’ Duck Street, I’m almost next door too. BTW Did you get inside the Chapel or Sunday Room…

    • That wasn’t your Morgan outside, was it? This holiday is sometimes harder work than work.

      We must find the Cholera graves in Paul to confirm dates – and I believe it was Paul church that my grandfather attended when he was stationed in Mousehole.

  12. From centre of Village (That’s by the north end of the church yard, by the bus stop), walk up the road ‘Boslandew Hill’, marked for Lands End etc.

    About 100ft on RH side there’s a path up between the houses, (leading to Trungle Parc estate) the entrance to the field is on your left, it says something like ‘no dogs allowed P.D.C.’

    If you put TR19 6UD into Google Maps – it’s the green field shown by the Red Arrow ‘A’.

  13. Quote ‘..That wasn’t your Morgan outside, was it? ‘

    That’s the late Morgan, we also have a ’34 three wheeler running round the village, and you probably saw the 1925 Bullnose Morris by the Cornish Range – their new toy.

    No, that Morgan (4 wheeler) is Tom Rickman’s (Artist) He is a very big lad, dwarfs the car, lives in the Sunday School next/up behind the Chapel.

    My Austin 7’s are tucked away around the corner..

  14. PS – the dog and I have passed through the area on our walk and the footpath to the ‘field’ is next to Close Cottage, on Boslandew Hill (a slight rise really) the name is very clear.

  15. Love the chase pics, they’re great – always good to see some action shots of the dogs. Trendy new collar, Sandy! Watch out for the technobunnies…

  16. Hi guys

    Loved the St Michaels Mount pics. Egyptian house looks interesting. You do rather like chapels and meeting houses! Congrats to dog wot won

    see you back at work LOL
    Ruth xx

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