Posted by: John Colby | Saturday September 6 2008

Wet Weekend

As I sit here I’m being deafened by the rain. The forecasters have been promising us two weeks rain in a day and thus far they’re not wrong. So I don’t feel too bad about working on Moodle (our VLE) and finishing off the resit marking. And, of course, getting ready for exam boards. After that I’ll do some more to the website for work. And then write some more stuff to teach in the coming semester.

So why am I writing this? Why am I working at the weekend? Who am I writing this for?

Quite easy to answer, really. Loads of my work is planning and consideration of WHAT to write, HOW to express myself so that others understand. The mechanistic job of construction comes after due process of thought, reflection and preliminary construction has occurred. And I’m led to this by a meeting I had with a colleague on Thursday concerning a module we’re involved with and this consideration was about Learning Styles.

Not everyone works or learns in the same way. We, as academics, attempt to get into the heads of our students that there are different learning styles and they have, given the means, to discover which suits them, and then to adopt it – which is quite difficult. Then there’s multiple intelligences, different way of understanding. Then there’s the necessity of getting them to realise that they are doing this for themselves and not for us. We’re going to mark the end result, not the means of getting there. This is probably the major difference between schools and universities which is not really understood by students when coming onto Higher Education. It’s got to be our job to get them to understand.

And it’s still raining.



  1. Hi John,
    I recommend you read my webpage on Learning Styles and MI 😉

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