Posted by: John Colby | Tuesday September 2 2008

Google Chrome

It must be the geek in me. I’ve just downloaded Google Chrome and fifteen minutes later it’s up and running and posting. I was technically swayed by the use of same same rendering engine as Safari and from first sight am impressed by the speed and clean looks – and this on my six year old machine.

I’ve already tested it on Moodle, the VLE at the university, so I’m ready for any of the questions. I have yet to test video sites, sounds and the whole multimedia experience (supposed I’d better – I’m supposed to teach it) but I cannot imagine there wil be many poblems.

But the thing that REALLY made up my mind was Google’s comic book approach to making a fairly complex subject understandable. I wonder how we could incorporate this into teaching? For instance, the diagrams illustrating single and multi-threading seem to have been extremely well thought out, and breaks down complex behaviour into understandable terms.

When I see this in use at work I’ll be able to comment more fully, but hopefully it was a fifteen minutes well spent allowing it to get itself running.



  1. should be interesting to see if Chrome works more efficiently than FireFox and IE… if it’s faster than Firefox, since isn’t IE, then i’ll use it

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