Posted by: John Colby | Saturday April 19 2008

Pet or Prisoner?

On the walk today, which was slightly more than a little muddy, we met with a dog walker carrying a tennis racquet. The dog, a black (well, I say black advisedly but under the mud it could have been any colour) Labrador was carrying the tennis ball. It spotted ours and ours spotted it so a bit of canine chase game ensued and the two humans stood and watched. Ours are described by the vet as “Labrador/Collie/German Shepherd cross – we think”, and “Well, there’s collie in there somewhere”. Our tennis ball chucker has graduated from a tennis racquet to a commercial device because I couldn’t hit straight.

Just as we were going on our way another small domestic terrier came past but on a lead. Now this park is a square mile or so, and there’s plenty of room. All of ours went up and started the canine greeting technique and all tails were wagging. However the owners of the terrier immediately pulled their dog away quite sharply, told it off and marched it off. It looked as disappointed as dogs can and kept looking back. Our three continued playing.

My comment to my new companion – “Is it a pet or a prisoner?”. She agreed. Dogs NEED freedom to be dogs. They need the freedom to run and exercise and that’s just not possible if you just keep them on a lead in an area where they can run free.

The Celtic Terrors at Bradgate Park




  1. Ah well, with regard to dogs, as you know I dog-sit for friends and Mitz may be a beaut but she is also very unpredictable (by me anyway) as to whom she likes / dislikes and it all starts off as very very nasty growling and barking. her carers know the dogs she likes and can play with but I don’t so I keep her on jer lead and I hate it when we meet dogs not on a lead because Mitz can jump up and snap or she can cower and hide. A dog not on a lead is a menace for me because I have to got to try and keep it away from mitz whilst also protecting or restraining her.

  2. They don’t just need it, it’s in the current incarnation of the Animal Welfare Act that they be given the right to express normal behaviours.

    Btw, thank you for the blog roll add. 🙂

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